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There are a lot of "so called" web design companies offering "great" web design at a "great price."  Most either produce web pages that are less-than appealing to a company or individual, or charge an outrageous price per hour for HTML coding, graphic design, scanning images, forms, website maintenance and more. It's pretty hard to get a good  combination of both in any website deal.

I do not consider myself part of that crowd.  I will design your site based on "your" needs and input.  Make suggestions that you can accept in full, part, or not at all. 

Bottom line:   I will create an attractive site with the content you want at an agreed upon price.  Your website is NOT finished until you decide to accept it....period


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These preprinted labels bring a professional finished look to your DVD movie backups.


Make your entire movie backup collection look DESIGNER

 Don't settle for BORING.....

Easy As Peel-Stick-Title

These preprinted labels are an excellent way to add higher quality to your DVD X COPY movie backups.

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Easy as 321 your finished!!!!

Display & Enjoy

Buy It Now !!!   $2.50 for 10 labels

Shipping and Handling is $1.00


I like happy bidders, so if you want more than one order I will do combined shipping to the same address. Limitations apply


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